N711R – Learjet 45

N818BD – Learjet 45

N29RE – Learjet 40


Performance Range1,824 nautical miles
Seating8 + 1
Cruise Speed520 mph
Baggage Capacity65 cubic ft
Cabin Length 19.75 ft
Cabin Height4 ft 11 in
Cabin Width5 ft 1 in
  • Free WiFi on every flight with talk and text service
  • Airshow 410 in-flight mapping systems
  • Two wide-screen LCD monitors and DVD/CD player

  • Passenger wardrobe hanging space

Cabin Comforts

  • Seats fully adjustable with fold-out tables
  • Work and dining tables
  • Airshow 410 in-flight mapping systems
  • Club seating
  • Individual AC power plugs at every seat
  • Two-zone air conditioning and low-heat LED overhead lights for comfort
  • Forward Galley with hot liquid containers

  • Fully stocked bar with snacks
  • Enclosed Lavatory with hot and cold water

The Swiss army knife of jets

The Learjet 45 series was the first all-new, “clean sheet” Learjet design since the 1960s. Certified by the FAA in 1997, it effectively redefined the super-light jet category for the 21st century.

According to FLYING magazine, “Learjet 45 is the Swiss army knife of jets, an impressive combination of range, economy, load-carrying capability, comfort and price that offers a lot of bang for the buck in the “super-light” segment of the market.”

The Learjet 45 is a rare accomplishment, seamlessly integrating new technology with a tested and proven aircraft design. Reliability, cruise performance and fuel economy combine to make this aircraft best of class among all mid-sized jets.

Learjet 45/40 features comfortable seating for 8 + 1 passengers with the +1 using the belted lavatory seat. Cabin seats are remarkably roomy with ample room to swivel, recline and track.

Cabin noise level stays below 72 dB, and a two-zone temperature control system ensures that both the cabin and the cockpit are comfortable.