Aircraft Management and Private Air Charter Company

Elite Services for Aircraft Owners and Jet Charter Travelers

Houston JetDirect Management and Charter, Inc. is an aviation company that provides aircraft owners and private air charter passengers with an elite experience.

Since the 1950s, we have provided private air clients with service, reliability and comfort. Catering to the needs and time schedules of executives and VIPs worldwide, our experienced flight crews and state-of-the-art jets are available at a moment’s notice, to take you wherever and whenever you need to go.

Safety and Service

Houston JetDirect management recognizes that nothing is more important than your safety and security. Our flight department has an unblemished safety record since it began operations in the early 1950s. More than 60 incident-free years. As your charter aircraft operator, our priority is to give you the safety, service, flexibility and pricing you deserve.

Please call us at 713-454-1400 to experience how hard we work to meet your and/or your company’s domestic and international travel requirements.

Houston JetDirect Management and Charter, Inc. goes beyond standard FAA approvals to seek and hold the ARG/US Gold and Wyvern Registered Operator certifications from these leading independent aviation-auditing authorities.


Aircraft Operations Since the 1950s

Howard 500 Cockell Resources

Houston JetDirect is a private air charter company that arose in the era of “prop planes” before jet aircraft were common in executive air travel. This Howard 500, pictured left,  was an early member of the fleet. It was replaced by a Gulfstream II turbojet.