Bombardier Challenger 300/350

The Challenger 300 series is an executive office for the skies. At cruising speed of Mach 0.80, this high-performance jet can transport eight to nine passengers comfortably, non-stop from coast to coast.

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N365MC – Nine passenger Bombardier Challenger 350

  • Bombardier Challenger 300 N155SL
  • Challenger 300 N155SL Interior Forward View
  • Challenger 300 N155SL Interior Aft View
  • Challenger 300 N155SL Lavatory

N155SL – Eight passenger Bombardier Challenger 300

  • N818WF Runway

N818WF – Nine passenger Bombardier Challenger 300


Performance RangeUp to 3,560 nautical miles with 8 passengers
Seating8 or 9
Cruise Speed541 mph, Mach 0.8
Baggage Capacity106 cubic ft, accessible during flight
Cabin Length 28.56 ft
Cabin Height6.0 ft
Cabin Width7.17 ft
  • Free WiFi on every flight with talk and text service
  • Airshow 410 in-flight mapping systems
  • XM weather
  • Two 20″ wide-screen LCD monitors and DVD/CD player
  • Integrated iPod® control capability
  • Passenger wardrobe hanging space
  • Unrestricted in-flight access to baggage compartment

Cabin Comforts

  • Seats fully adjustable with fold-out tables
  • Work and dining tables
  • Airshow 410 in-flight mapping systems
  • Club seating
  • Individual AC power plugs at every seat
  • Two-zone air conditioning and low-heat LED overhead lights for comfort
  • Forward Galley microwave and two hot liquid containers
  • Fully stocked bar with snacks
  • Enclosed Lavatory with hot and cold water