COVID-19 Preparation and Protection Standards

Houston JetDirect is open for business and conducting air charter flights daily, adhering to new standards for flight preparation and protection. Our top priority is keeping Clients and Employees safe. We are fully operational and available on short notice for private jet charter and future flight planning, during the current coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.

With this in mind, a seven-point COVID-19 Crew Checklist has been implemented for handling pre- and post-flight care, strict disinfecting protocols, customer service, crew accommodations, and amenities.

Seven-point checklist encompasses key prevention practices

  • Deep cleaning. Going beyond our standard cleaning process, crews now perform mandatory deep cleaning and disinfecting the aircraft before and after flights and between passenger legs.
  • Travel restriction advisory. Keeping daily updates on destination airport requirements re: quarantines.
  • Transport at the fixed-base operation (FBO) locations. When possible, we request transportation to be planeside on arrival in an effort to avoid entering the FBO.
  • Personal protective equipment. Pilots and crew wear masks and gloves according to best practices, and encourage passengers to wear masks also.
  • Social distancing. Maintaining a minimum of six feet separation. Passengers are briefed on where refreshments are located and are generally self-reliant.
  • Health checks. Following CDC guidelines for temperature and symptoms checks for crew and passengers.
  • Ground preparations. Ongoing contact with hotels, rental car providers, and food options available for each trip to ensure these providers commit to following CDC guidelines.

Intensified health screening and personal protection aims to benefit our passengers and our employees, yet it serves to benefit the greater economy as well. As we work together to rebuild our economy, keeping everyone safe and getting everyone back to work is vital to the recovery.

More than one million workers are employed in the U.S. aviation industry, including pilots, flight crews, and airport personnel. Thank you for your cooperation in our efforts to keep people safe and help get America back to work.

Given the ever-changing nature of COVID-19, we will continually evaluate and update these policies and procedures. Be safe and for more information, contact (713) 454-1400.

Updated July 2, 2020